4-Bedroom House | Scotts Point, Hobsonville

$935,000 | 4-BED | 186M | 3 BATHROOMS | GARAGE

Brand new 4 bedroom stand alone home in a sought after Auckland location and better value than Hobsonville Point.


Scotts Point is located just south of Hobsonville Point.

This house is now available under the YouOwn shared ownership initiative:

YouOwn is a shared equity solution to help first home buyers own their own home.

In basic terms it is a way of lowering the deposit required for a home to 5% of a property’s value.  Your deposit is topped up by an investment by YouOwn to enable you to purchase the property.

To learn more about YouOwn and how it can help you buy your first home, visit here

How It Could Work As A YouOwn Home:

  • First Home Buyer’s Savings / KiwiSaver: $46,750
  • First Home Buyer’s Mortgage: $654,500
  • Weekly Cost For YouOwn Investment: $200

Criteria For Co-Ownership Housing:

  • Combined household income of $110,000+
  • Deposit from savings and/or KiwiSaver of at least 5% of the purchase price.
  • Be a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Have a clean credit history.
  • Little or no debt (less than $5,000)
  • Comfortable with repayments on a mortgage of $500,000 or greater (we can help you determine if you are able to should you decide to proceed with the opportunity).
  • Be buying the property to live in.

If you’re interested in using YouOwn to purchase this house, please ensure you meet the criteria above and complete the form below:


Dustin Lindale November 1, 2018 Co-Ownership