YouOwn. A helping hand to home buyers.

YouOwn is a breath of fresh air for New Zealand that helps Kiwis find a house to call home. Through shared ownership, they help first home buyers into their own homes, when before it just wasn’t financially possible.

YouOwn in a nutshell.

Co-ownership is an easy and exciting option for first home buyers where YouOwn partners with you to purchase a home. It gets you a foot on the property ladder and the confidence of your own roof over your head, without the stresses of renting or anxiety as house prices continue to rise.

How does it work?

You buy a portion of the property you can afford now, and YouOwn helps with the rest. You pay a charge on their portion and after five years, you can buy their share when you are able to.  This charge is fixed for five years at 4.95% of the amount YouOwn have invested. However, your monthly repayments are often cheaper than if you have a home loan over the whole house, so it works out in your favour.

With YouOwn’s help it really is possible to step into your own home today and create the future of your dreams.

What else? Your house is on its own title, and together, we own the property as tenants in common. You are responsible for all ownership costs such as rates, maintenance and insurance.

Our co-ownership agreement includes your right to buy us out after five years at independently assessed market value. Until you buy us out you pay us an equity charge of 4.95% on the money we invest. Every five years the equity charge is recalculated based on the change in value of the property.


Are you eligible?

With a deposit of just 5% it may be possible to own your own home with YouOwn. As long as you are able to service a mortgage of around $500,000+, which means a combined household income of around $110,000, the numbers should stack up. You must be a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident, have a clean credit history with little or no debt, and be buying the property to live in.

Eligibility criteria for YouOwn

  • Combined household income of $110,000+
  • Deposit from savings and/or KiwiSaver of at least 5% of the purchase price.
  • Be a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Have a clean credit history.
  • Little or no debt (less than $5,000)
  • Comfortable with repayments on a mortgage of $500,000 or greater (we can help you determine if you are able to should you decide to proceed with the opportunity).
  • Be buying the property to live in.

5 simple steps to home ownership.

01. Apply. Check out the eligibility criteria above and if YouOwn is right for you, register your interest by completing the online application below.

02. Plan & Pre-Approval. If you’re eligible, YouOwn will contact you to discuss your ownership plans and explain the process. They’ll introduce you to a bank in the YouOwn programme and help you to obtain a home loan.

03. Purchase. Together with YouOwn, you’ll sign the sale and purchase agreement as co-owners, pay the builder or vendor a deposit and sign a legal agreement that specifies your joint rights and obligations.

04. Settlement. YouOwn will help you complete documentation to withdraw any KiwiSaver funds and you sign the loan documents with the bank.

05. Move in! The balance of the purchase price is paid, the bank issues a mortgage over the property and you move in! While YouOwn are co-owners you pay them a charge on their portion, this is recalculated every five years.

Get the show on the road.

To get the ball rolling, start by completing the online approval form below. YouOwn will be in touch to discuss whether you meet the criteria. If you do, your application will progress to a home loan application. YouOwn will guide you through the process from purchase to settlement.

To find out more about the YouOwn programme, visit their website

Looking for your dream home? Start here.

Mike Greer Homes has partnered with YouOwn to make available a selection of homes through the co-ownership program.



The above properties are just a selection of the homes available through the YouOwn program.  If these don’t suit, help is available to find your ideal home.

YouOwn has partnered with a buyers agent from Barfoot & Thompson to help find suitable properties for YouOwn applicants.

The buyers agent can help you to understand the house buying process, discuss what you want from a house and help you locate what you’re after.

Ready to own your own home? Apply today.

Please register your interest in co-ownership housing with YouOwn by completing this form.

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