First Home Buyers Weekly Wrap – 28th April 2015

This week’s First-Home Buyers news stories include several articles giving advice for KiwiSavers looking to buy their first home.

KiwiSaver: Rules for first-home buyers tweaked

If you are buying a home using KiwiSaver funds what are the regulations around living in the home for the first six months? What are the requirements and what are the penalties if you choose not to?

Helen Twose, the NZ Herald Kiwisaver columnist runs through the latest rules KiwiSaver ules for first-home buyers. Read Here

House growth in Auckland outstripping salaries

The value of an average home has increased by twice the amount an average worker earns.

The Weekend Herald has analysed house prices in the country’s 12 regional council areas for the 12 months to March compared to the median wage earned by workers. Read More

Property tax – the case is clear

Alarmed by runaway house price inflation in Auckland, the Reserve Bank has called for a fresh look at the tax-preferred status of investor-owned housing.

Brian Fallow says, The case for taxing the income of residential property investors is compelling. Read More



Your Money Story: buying an affordable house using KiwiSaver

From ASB Your Money Story: Hannah Merceanu is ASB’s Social Media Editor, as well as an ASB customer. Hannah and her partner are using their KiwiSaver savings to purchase a house and land package. Read their story

Asian advert’s Auckland property boast: ‘An investors’ dream’

An Asian radio advert is boasting that property investors can get New Zealanders to “go to work for you and give you hundreds of dollars a week” in rent in Auckland’s overheated property market. Read More


Dangers Of Unreality TV

The danger that lurks in unreality TV

Guest blog from Robin Forryan of Property Magic: Many first home buyers will have been following the latest Auckland property programme Our First Home. Like me you were probably interested in the prices paid at auction. It may have even started you thinking about the idea of buying a do-up house and renovating it yourselves. Before you spend time checking out potential properties I thought you might find this information valuable. Read More

Tax warning to KiwiSavers

Taupo KiwiSaver Joanne Harding believes many fellow KiwiSavers are being overtaxed on their growing retirement nest eggs.

To her horror, Harding, who is a saver with Mercer, discovered that her KiwiSaver account was being taxed at 28 per cent.  Here advice check your KiwiSaver tax rate now. Read More

Check your Kiwisaver Tax Rate here


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