The Two ‘M’s You Don’t Want To Find In Your First Home – Meth And Mould

Chances are you won’t find colourful M&Ms lurking in your new home – but you could come across meth and mould.

You’ve just put a deposit on a house, then find that it’s contaminated with meth and mould? When buying your first home, these appear to be scary and expensive problems to solve. However, they don’t need to be.

With a reliable company like Chemcare, you’ll  get an uncomplicated and honest answer to meth and mould contamination problems.

Getting rid of low levels of meth contamination

Nobody wants meth deep in the structure of their home, no matter how little there is. If the contamination levels are under the Ministry of Health Guidelines of 1.5 micrograms 100cm2, then ‘technically’ your home is habitable. However, if you’re extremely sensitive – this kind of contamination can still be a hazard. While some companies may charge similar prices to a higher level of contamination – Chemcare understands that this can be financially difficult. This is why Chemcare have a set price-per-room for a precautionary meth clean. For the first home buyers club, you can give your house a precautionary clean at a flat rate of $325 per room. This will ensure that all rooms are brought down to an almost 0 reading – meaning your new home is absolutely safe again.

What about mould?

We all know mould is bad for us – especially the black mould which is a known health hazard. Often, not much is done about it because its seen as ‘normal’. Mould is becoming very common in New Zealand properties, it should never be considered ‘normal’. If you have itchy eyes, sneeze frequently or just feel more irritable, this is not normal and may mean you have mould in your property, which is giving you ill health effects.

These ill health effects can make some hyper-sensitive and intolerant to moulds,  in extreme cases people become sensitive to other irritants, cooking herbs or just strong smells.

Houses that are most at risk include: villas, houses built in the 60s & 70s and those properties built after the 90s, which are prone to ‘leaky home’ syndrome. Where there is poor construction, lack of sunlight and/or insulation – there is a high risk of mould in these properties.

Call Chemcare for a detailed site investigation by a AMRT qualified inspector. Because mould is so common but so hazardous in New Zealand properties, Chemcare have made a special offer just for members of The First Home Buyers Club.

The First Home Buyers Club Members Offer

For a full mould inspection, Chemcare will give you 15% off the regular price. The report will tell you where mould is showing, how bad it is, and what the next action step is. Chemcare believes in not only finding mould and safely removing it, but continued and ongoing support to prevent it from returning.

I just can’t afford these things – are they necessary?

We always say, it’s impossible to put a price on your health – and this is true.  Chemcare can discuss payment plans with you, and ways to make it more affordable – whilst still getting the property safe. If you want to discuss any other issues with your property, you can be assured Chemcare can help as their services range into asbestos, fire, flood and biohazard.

So be safe and be sure with Chemcare.

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Fiona Tate October 9, 2017 Blog