YouOwn’s Co-Ownership Success Stories

Helping Families Into Their First Home With YouOwn

Here at The First Home Buyer’s Club, we have been working with YouOwn for more than two years helping first home buyers into their own home. We are incredibly proud of our achievements to date and are excited about assisting many more families in the future.

YouOwn’s Co-Ownership Trial At Kirkbride Road

Back in 2017, The First Home Buyers Club and YouOwn (then Co-Own) embarked on a pilot program to sell 3 houses in Kirkbride Rd, Mangere using the co-ownership housing initiative.

The result was we successfully handed over not only the 3 homes at Kirkbride Rd but many more since.

YouOwn’s Co-Ownership In The Words Of First Home Buyers

Come mid-2018, the 3 initial families moved into their brand new homes, here is their story in their own words.

Claudette & Clint

Fleur & Alfred

Christina & Matt

How YouOwn’s Co-Ownership Works

The key benefit of co-ownership is that it is possible with a 5% deposit.  So if you aren’t eligible for a low deposit loan or you aren’t able to receive a gift from parents, YouOwn could work for you.

Co-ownership with YouOwn is easy. You buy a portion of the property you can afford now, and YouOwn helps with the rest. You pay a charge on YouOwn’s portion and after five years, you can buy their share when you are able to. You have all the rights of ownership and, subject to compliance with relevant law, you are free to alter and maintain the house as you wish.

Criteria For Co-Ownership With YouOwn

In order for co-ownership with YouOwn to be possible, applicants must be able be able to meet certain criteria.

Find Out More About YouOwn

If YouOwn sounds of interest to you, you can read more here and submit an application below.


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