moving-day1Moving Day!

So, the day to move into your new home is fast approaching! It’s an exciting time but there’s a bit to do before then, like giving notice on your rental property, packing, arranging insurance, re-directing your mail, arranging power, phone and internet as well as rallying a gang of friends and family to help you move!

Thankfully The First Home Buyer’s Club has Moving Hub to help you take care of much of this in one simple step.  Find out more about how we can help here



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Insurance – Protecting what’s important!

You will need to arrange full cover insurance for your new home – this is required by your lender to protect their interest in your property.

HouseInsuranceHouse Insurance
We recommend that insurance be arranged well before settlement date, as you won’t be able to settle unless your solicitor can confirm to the bank that an insurance policy is in place. Insurance can be obtained via your bank, an insurance provider, or via an Insurance Advisor. We recommend shopping around to get the best policy and remember the best policy is one that provides you with the best cover, as well as price.
The First Home Buyers Club can arrange a quote for you – simply click on our Insurance Quote link and we’ll arrange someone to give you a call and provide you with an obligation-free quote over the phone.

LifeInsurance Life Insurance
While life insurance is not required by your lender we strongly recommend that you consider obtaining some cover. This is especially important if you have a partner and/or children. Consider what would happen to your loved ones if something were to happen to you? How would they pay the mortgage? What would happen to their lifestyle? Would they need to sell their home?
Remember also the best time to get insurance is when you think you don’t need it! Life happens to all of us and often as we age health conditions can occur which can preclude you from being able to obtain life insurance.
Again, at the First Home Buyers Club we can assist in arranging some obligation-free quotes for you – simply click on the Insurance Quote button and we’ll arrange for an Insurance Advisor to get in touch!

Income Protection Insurance
You may wish to consider taking out some income protection insurance to cover you in the event of redundancy or illness. Income protection insurance provides peace of mind and can cover you in the event of a serious illness or redundancy. To arrange a quote, simply tick income protection on your Insurance Quote request.

Writing a WillWil

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