kiwibuildThe KiwiBuild Plan

KiwiBuild is part of a Labour party plan to solve the housing crisis. The new Government is proceeding with plans to deliver 100,000 new homes within the next 10 years.

Where will the homes be built?

50% of the houses are planned to be built in Auckland. The Labour plan for likely areas of development in Auckland included Crown land sites, brownfield  development sites throughout the city, and greenfield growth areas such as Whenuapai, Drury, and Kumeu. Revitalisation projects outside Auckland may include places like South Dunedin and the East Frame in Christchurch.

How much will they cost?

Stand alone houses in Auckland and Queenstown are price capped at $650,000, with apartments and townhouses under $500,000. Outside Auckland, houses are price capped at $500,000.

Auckland & Queenstown 

  • 1 bedroom – $500,000
  • 2 bedroom – $600,000
  • 3 bedroom – $650,000

Outside Of Auckland & Queenstown

  • All houses capped at $500,000


When will they be built?

Minister of Housing Phil Twyford has stated that the Government aims in their first year to deliver 1000 homes, 5000 the following year and 10,000 in the third.

Who can buy KiwiBuild homes?

You can find out about the KiwiBuild criteria here

Will there be any restrictions?

To avoid buyers reaping windfall gains, one of the likely conditions of sale for KiwiBuild homes will require purchasers to hand back any capital gains, if sold on within 3 years.

How does the Government plan to deliver KiwiBuild?

Labour plan to partner with the private sector and will also establish an Affordable Housing Authority which will be an independent Crown entity with a fast-tracked planning process, tasked with leading large-scale housing developments and cutting through red tape. Scale and modern offsite manufacturing techniques are planned to enable these homes to be built at low cost. The Labour plan includes putting  all surplus urban Crown land under the control of the Affordable Housing Authority for use in its development projects.

Construction of the KiwiBuild houses will be financed by an initial $2 billion capital injection, which will be recycled as the houses are sold.

As the KiwiBuild developments get underway, The First Home Buyers Club will list them here.

Developers wanting to let first home buyers know about their KiwiBuild developments here can get in touch to have their projects listed here. 

First KiwiBuild Site

Unitec, Mt Albert

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