Fix or Float?

Here’s this weeks view from Westpac on the question of Fixed versus Floating;

Floating mortgage rates usually work out to be more expensive
for borrowers than short-term fixed rates, such as the six-month
rate. However, floating may still be the preferred option for those
who require flexibility in their repayments.

Among the standard fixed rates, the best deals for borrowers
with a deposit of 20% or more are clustered around the two-year
term, and these offer substantial value relative to where we expect
shorter-term rates to go over the next two years.

There is little point in fixing for just one year, given that these rates are higher
than the two-year rate in most cases. Opting for three- or fouryear
terms would require higher payments up front, but could help
to insulate the borrower if the Reserve Bank follows through with
an extensive OCR hiking cycle.


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