The Importance of Quality Moving Boxes

The Humble Moving Box

You’ve done it! Made the deal and are excitedly beginning to plan and prepare for your upcoming move!

Good packing in quality Moving Boxes and preparation helps ensure an efficient move.

The better packed and prepared you are, the quicker, easier and therefore cheaper the move if paying movers (who generally work on an hourly rate).

Packing moving boxes is a time consuming process – it invariably takes longer than you expect. So now’s the time to start! Use this opportunity to have a clear out of things you don’t need or that you may not want in your new home. Throw away or drop unwanted items to charity shops (some groups such as Hospice and The Salvation Army will even collect furniture items when you’ve finished with them).

Suitable packing into sturdy, good quality moving boxes will help ensure your household effects reach their new home undamaged.

moving boxes

Cardboard boxes can be sourced from lots of places. Do be mindful though of using single walled boxes (which have only a single layer of corrugation). These are flimsy, and will not withstand being stacked without crushing. Moving boxes should have a double wall (a twin layer of corrugation) for strength. Boxes from the supermarket are generally not suitable – they do not have strength, and are of mixed and varying sizes, making the job of loading into the truck more difficult. With the exception of banana boxes… these are great, with good strength and carry handles. Just ensure they have a lid, and have nothing protruding through the top.

Packing and wrapping

When packing standard moving boxes, ensure you tape both the bottom and top closed. Don’t overfill boxes to bulging – this weakens the box and will lead to damage of the contents.

All fragile items should be wrapped in paper to provide a layer of protection. The ink from newspaper can mark items, so unprinted newsprint (butchers’ paper) is ideal. You might also find bubblewrap useful for some larger or awkward shaped items.

Most storage companies, and some furniture moving companies sell quality moving boxes, paper, tape and other sundry items for keeping your possessions safe throughout the moving process.

The Smooth Mover  offer First Home Buyers Club members free moving boxes and tape when you book your move, with wrapping paper and bubble wrap also available.

Save yourself time, dollars and unnecessary breakages and contact The Smooth Mover team on 0800 36 36 10 or email



Fiona Tate September 18, 2017 Blog