Should I buy a monolithic home with a cavity system?

First Home Buyer Club member Nathan asked;

What is the general consensus on monolithic cladding houses with a cavity system installed? I’m a first home buying looking at the Auckland market right now but a lot of properties in my price range are this townhouse property type. I’m nervous that i’ll make a mistake (even with builders report) costing me everything by buying a leaky home. I’m also afraid if i don’t get into the market soonish it’ll suppress my ability to save and i’ll be out of the market completely for some time. Any advice when dealing with this property type?

David Clifton of Home Buyers Reports had the following advice;

A tricky question – not all cavity systems are born equal. There are early cavities system (built 2003 -2005) where the detailing of the cavity in some areas (mainly round the openings, balconies and the inter-storey area) is now classed as an obsolete form of detailing. These early cavity systems will require a more regular inspection and maintenance regime to maintain weathertightness of the system. That said the later versions of the cavity monolithic cladding houses are provided much better detailing and this naturally reduces the need for extensive maintenance and repairs. So unfortunately no easy black and white answer, unfortunately more shades of grey – if your’re concerned, get a comprehensive inspection from HomeBuyers Reports to determine what your’re buying’