Top Tips to avoid delays with KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Applications

The following is a list of the top reasons applications are returned by Housing NZ causing delays in processing of your application;

  • Incomplete, unsigned or unwitnessed applications
  • Often witnessed by friends/family/employer not the required JP, solicitor etc
  • Provides a KiwiSaver summary statement instead of a transactional statement that shows all contributions made since joining KiwiSaver
  • No KiwiSaver contribution statement included at all
  • Incorrect certificate of earnings provided – it must be the one produced for the last 12 months, not for the last/current financial year or some other version
  • Often the certificate of earnings for the co-purchaser(s) not attached, only for the main applicant
  • No signed copy of the agreement for sale and purchase
  • No identification.
  • No evidence of deposit of at least 10% of purchase price

Take a bit of time to review your application to ensure all fields are correctly completed, all relevant documents are included and application is signed by all parties. This should help ensure that your application whizzes through the process and you have your approval back in no time!

If you need help with completing your application, contact us on 0800 449 049 on Facebook or via our online contact form and one of our experienced Financial Advisors will be in touch!