3 Key Questions to ask Real Estate Agents

When you out and about checking out properties make sure you ask the Estate Agents the following 3 key questions;

  1. What reports and or information are available for this property? Often information may be available in the form of a LIM report and or a builders report that the vendor has arranged.You may also like to ask if any other buyers have had building inspections done and if so why they did not proceed with the offer.
  2. What have similar houses in the area sold for? The Real Estate agent should be able to provide you with this information as the agent would have provided this information to the vendor when preparing an appraisal for the property. This information can act as a guide to help you in determining the value of the property.
  3. Are there any issues or problems with this property than I need to be aware of? This is a very important question as Agents have a duty to disclose any problems/issues that they are aware of.


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Happy House Hunting!