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Co Ownership Housing

Co-Own has been established to help home buyers purchase their first home.

“We close the gap for you now – you no longer have the stress of renting and watching house prices increase beyond your reach”
Nigel Spratt – Director of Co-Own

About Co-Own:

The Co-Ownership programme by Co-Ownership Housing Ltd follows the principles of shared ownership, introduced into New Zealand by Housing Foundation in 2008

Co-Ownership Housing Limited is funded by Bancorp Wealth Management Ltd, a member of the Bancorp group of companies. You can find information on Bancorp on the website www.bancorp.co.nz

Nigel Spratt is an executive director of Co-Ownership Housing Limited and has fourteen years experience with Housing Foundation and the shared ownership programme.

Co-Ownership Housing Ltd is committed long term to helping first home buyers into their own homes.

Click here to see if you qualify for Co-Ownership

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