First Home Buyers Weekly Wrap – 25th May 2015

Plenty of news this past couple of weeks for first home buyers with the Budget announcements, mortgage rate reductions and The First Home Buyers Club featured in

First up, our feature in


First Home Buyers Club Together

Times have got so hard for first time homebuyers that over 1000 have joined the First Home Buyers’ Club in the hopes of getting their toes on the first rung of the property ladder. Read More


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TV ONE Sunday: Somewhere To Live

From TV One’s Sunday program, a four-part investigation into how we’ve changed in the past four decades.  This week, Sunday investigates how the experiences of first home buyers have drastically changed since the 1970’s. Watch Video


Free Planning Meeting

Dreaming of your first home? Let us help turn your dream into a plan!

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Last week saw the Budget announcement:

Budget 2015: 10 things you need to know – Read More

The major announcement from the Budget for first home buyers was:

PM makes major move on housing profits and foreign buyers

A capital gains tax on residential property sold within two years of buying it is being seen as a step in the right direction, but not far enough, with few expecting the new tax to have a big effect on Auckland property prices.

Prime Minister John Key announced the plan this morning as part of the Budget package.

The exemptions to this new bright-line test will be if the property sold is the seller’s main home, if it is part of a deceased estate or inherited, and or if it is transferred as part of a relationship settlement. Read More

The commentary on the budget announcements were numerous.

Talk Money with Tony Field

The Government’s announcement that it is toughening up the tax rules for speculators and foreign buyers has provoked debate about how effective the changes will be in helping to lower property prices. It will also lead to more talk about how useful a full-blown capital gains tax would be in reducing prices. Read more

Political round-up: Is this a capital gains tax?

Perhaps it’s time for all politicians to “cut the crap” about capital gains taxes. There’s a lot of confusion and ambiguity about the National Government’s announcement of a quasi-capital gains tax – partly fuelled by politicians on all sides who are deliberately muddying the waters. Is it a capital gains tax or not? Read more

Meanwhile good news for first home buyers in the form of reduced mortgage rates

Banks slashing mortgage rates

ANZ has slashed its mortgage rates following a similar move by KiwiBank as speculation grows that the Reserve Bank will cut the official cash rate next month.

ANZ’s biggest move was in its 4-year rate, which was fell by 74 basis points from 6.49 per cent to 5.75 per cent. Read more

And to round out this weeks update a couple of articles to provide some guidance as to how to get into your first home.

How to give the kids a leg up onto the property ladder

Many parents are mulling how to help the kids buy their first home.  Without that help, they fear the first rung of the property ladder is out of their reach.  So, Sunday Star-Times looked at some of the options: Read more

Real estate auctions: Bidding for victory

Our regular guest blogger, Robyn Forryan spoke to Rob Stock of about having a plan for auctions.

House auctions can be a stressful and costly affair, while bidding may seem as easy as just raising your hand, for a nervous first-home buyer on a limited budget, an auction is a nerve-wracking affair.  Read More



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