Introducing First Home Buyer’s Club Advisor Karen Renwick

The First Home Buyers Club are very pleased to introduce Mortgage Link’s preferred advisor for the Auckland area, Karen Renwick.

You will see posts from First Home Buyer’s Club advisor Karen over the coming weeks, she will be sharing some real-life property and lending scenarios to give you tips and advice, which will help your dream of buying your first home get that step closer.

A Bit About KarenFirst Home Buyer's Club Advisor

Having emigrated to NZ from the UK in 2010, Karen knows first-hand how different and daunting the home loan space can be, especially to people who are new to NZ. Karen is passionate about helping people. As a Registered Financial Adviser with access to both registered banks and non-bank/specialist lenders. Karen works with you to find a solution for your needs.

“I am committed to providing a professional service, with good, clear communication, ensuring my clients are kept up to date with progress of their lending application every step of the way. I take real pride and pleasure in helping people secure their lending and ultimately their homes.”

3 Quick Tips For First Home Buyers

Show you would be a good client

The way you manage your bank accounts and credit cards can make a huge difference as to how the lenders will assess at your application. Avoid going overdrawn, whether you have an approved overdraft or not. The banks will want to see that you live within your means and have good account conduct.

Review your access to credit

Do you really need such a high credit limit on your credit card? The credit limit on your credit cards will directly impact your borrowing ability, whether you have a balance on the card or pay in full each month. If you do not need the credit limit, consider reducing this to a lower level.

Reduce/clear personal debt

Try and clear any short term debt you may have before applying for a home loan. If you do not have to allocate funds to repay short term debt each month, you will have more funds available to support your application for a home loan. It may make the difference between securing loan approval for your first home or not.

Be careful of ongoing credit card balances and pay attention to the interest rate. Be pro-active, consider a balance transfer to a card with a 0% interest rate. This will allow your repayments to clear capital and not be swallowed up in interest payments (please be sure to check all terms and conditions before committing to any credit facility). If you have several personal loans/credit card debts, it may be beneficial to consolidate those debts into one ‘easy to manage’ payment. (I have access to lenders who would be able to assist with this).

How Karen Can Help You Plan For Your First Home

The rules and requirements vary between lenders, and I would suggest that now, more than ever, working with a mortgage adviser can help buyers navigate the options. I can help make sense of the jargon like LVRs, early repayment penalties, low equity margins, KiwiSaver, Home Start Grants and Welcome Home Loans. I assess your position and direct your application to the lender most appropriate to meet your needs.

Get In Touch With Karen Today

I would love to help you achieve your goals. For assistance with your lending and/or to secure a pre-approval, please email me at

Karen Renwick, Registered Mortgage Adviser

First Home Buyer's Club Advisor


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