Q&A: Stephanie Brookes Answers Some Meth-Testing Related Questions

Stephanie Brookes, Director of Meth Wise Ltd has answered some common methamphetamine-related questions for First Home Buyers and Property Investors:


Q. How important is it to get your home meth tested?

A. Imperative if you are looking to rent your investment property or are conducting your due diligence prior to purchasing your first home. Having your investment property tested between tenancies will allow you to gather valuable data to identify if, who and when any such contamination of your property took place and will assist you during litigation procedures.

Q. How often should one get rental properties tested for contamination?

A. Meth Wise Ltd advise property managers or landlords to employ regular meth testing between tenancies. If you or your property manager suspects or identifies suspicious behavior of tenants, it doesn’t hurt to book in a test during a tenancy however, ensure there is a testing clause in the agreement to allow your consultant access to the property.

Q. Do you have any numbers or percentages of homes in Auckland that are reportedly ‘contaminated’ ?

A. Industry reports show at least 40% of Auckland homes tested return a positive result for methamphetamine! Our statistics suggest a slightly lower detection rate, however this may be the tip of the ice-berg.

Q. Do you think it’s important to get insurance to cover illicit substances and chemicals?

A. Absolutely we believe it is crucial to have chemical contamination cover added to your insurance policy if you own a rental property. As methamphetamine is becoming more accessible and more affordable we will continue to see rising statistics in the number of homes impacted by meth-use and manufacture.

Q. What is an acceptable amount of contamination?

A. The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) recently released a report reviewing current guidelines for acceptable risk-based levels of methamphetamine, in particular meth residue from use. It was concluded that the following interim guidelines should be adopted until the Standard Committee release the new guidelines in 2017:

1.5ug/100 cm2 for homes with carpet or that previously had carpet

2.0ug/100 cm 2 for homes that do not have carpet

0.5ug/100 cm 2 for clandestine methamphetamine laboratory sites (unchanged).

Q. What about the varying decontamination companies and how do I know if they are reputable?

A. Decontamination specialists seem to be popping up everywhere due to the un-regulated gap in the market and prevalence of the issue. Many companies are out to make a ‘quick-buck’ and are known to cut corners. Therefore, if you require your property to undergo decontamination, please ensure the following:

  • They are an experienced, specialist decontamination team (do your research, ask questions and read reviews if available).
  • They are independent of any consulting or testing company.
  • They use correct Health and Safety practices and have the ability to identify harmful products they are dealing with, such as asbestos.

If you are worried or have no idea where to begin, ask the decontamination company to provide you with a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) along with the quote and Meth Wise can review this on your behalf.

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