Isaac and Liz’s journey to home ownership

6 Weeks from Planning Meeting to moving into their First Home – Meet First Home Buyers Liz and Isaac.

Liz and Isaac contacted The First Home Buyers Club in late September to arrange a ‘Planning Meeting’  Isaac and Liz had been saving for a while and both had KiwiSaver but thought that they probably needed to keep saving for a year or so more before they could consider buying their first home. Liz and Isaac were surprised and delighted to find out that in fact, they were already well placed to apply for a home loan!

Isaac and Liz’s home loan approval came through a week later which enabled them to confidently go out house hunting. After looking at a number of properties and attending some auctions, Liz and Isaac found a home in Auckland’s Mount Wellington which was soon going to Auction. Isaac and Liz quickly completed their due diligence for the property and nervously attended the auction. After some hard negotiating, Liz and Isaac were stoked to have brought their first home! As the property was vacant they were able to move in 2 weeks later, which makes Isaac and Liz’s journey from planning meeting to moving into their first home a record in just 6 weeks.

We caught up with Liz and Isaac (and Cricket the puddy cat) at their new home to get their feedback and any advice they had for other first home buyers. Here’s what Liz and Isaac had to say;

– Get some advice on your finance – you may closer to owning your home than you think!

– Make sure you get a building inspection – we didn’t and although there was nothing too major there were a few things that we needed to get fixed straight away which required us to call in a Electrician, Plumber and Locksmith & Engineer. Next time  we would definately get a building inspection!

– If you are not going to get a check – make sure that you thoroughly check all lights and power points, check that all taps are working and pressure is good. Take your time, its a lot of money to spend so it pays to check everything carefully.

– Make sure you get all the chattels included in the Sale and Purchase agreement – including things like remote controls for the garage and keys for all the locks!

– Do a Pre Settlement check to make sure the property is still in the same condition as the day you made your offer.

Isaac & Liz  (along with some great help from family) used a removal company to help them move on the day and highly recommend the Team at Cut Price Removals who had them shifted in no time at a very reasonable price.

Liz and Isaac also sent us at The First Home Buyers Club , the following message;

“Thank you so much for the amazing help and support you have been for us over the past month. You have made buying a house so simple and stress free for us, we cant thank you enough. We appreciate all the calls, texts and emails, answering our millions of questions and offering us advice and support. Without your help we definitely would not be home owners! Many Thanks – Love Isaac and Liz”

Many Thanks, Isaac and Liz, it was such a pleasure to share the journey with you! We wish you many happy times in your new home!