Meth Testing: Detection Is Protection

Meth testing means getting all the information you can, prior to purchasing in order to protect yourself.

Here is some information provided by a new Members Offer provider Methsafe on the reasons and importance of Meth testing.

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Building reports, LIM reports, council plans are all part of the process. However something is missing from your due diligence checklist and it’s not a new age problem.  Meth contamination and meth testing is a huge issue in New Zealand with growing use and manufacture of the drug throughout the country. Both could be a huge problem for your prospective new home.

Meth testing


Meth Testing for Health Reasons

When methamphetamine is used or made within a property, the walls and surfaces hold on to and soak up this drug and its chemicals. Sometimes, that residue is so highly concentrated that it can affect your health. You’ve probably heard the worst nightmare scenarios, rashes, headaches, constant sickness and more.  Most of the time, smaller concentrations have mild effects on the occupants. Young children are the most likely to be affected by a meth contaminated house. The effects of exposure to methamphetamine are not fully understood and may not be for some time.  However, some studies suggest that effects of long term exposure to low concentrations of methamphetamine can change a child’s brain development, increasing the chances of mental related illnesses and behavioural problems in the future.

Meth Testing for Financial Reasons

There’s an obvious health issue, which is made clear in a report by the Environmental Science and Research on the topic published late 2016. However, we must consider not only health related issues but potential financial issues. As a first time home buyer it is absolutely paramount that your home purchase is a sound investment. By now you’ve all heard of the horror stories of $100k in costs to clean a p “infected house”. These claims are nearly always the absolute worst case and does not represent, by any means, the majority of cases.

Realistically, to detect meth using a screening assessment you are looking at a few hundred dollars to conduct a risk assessment of the property. The benefit of this is that if detected, it becomes the vendors’ problem and any clean up required, is their responsibility, not yours. A few hundred dollars could prevent you buying into a ten, twenty or even thirty-thousand-dollar issue.

Meth testing

Is Meth Testing necessary?

The problem is not everyone thinks they need a meth test. We’ve heard over and over, “It’s a little old granny” living in that house, she won’t be smoking meth. Probably not, but we can assume she has children, grandchildren and friends. She might be a traveler or visit family and leave a house sitter looking after the property. She may have rented the property out 10 years ago while she traveled. Don’t bet against a drug that is so prolific and accessible that it is rapidly approaching the usage rates of marijuana.

Save yourself the heartache by including meth testing in your pre-purchase checklist. Nothing feels worse than hearing someone’s worst fears come to light and knowing what it will cost them financially, emotionally and physically. This is especially true of the first home buyer who is making their first leap into the world of property ownership.

So look before you leap. Think twice and get a meth test from MethSafe and be sure of your home, your future and your families health.

Detection is your only protection.

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Fiona Tate August 21, 2017 Blog