What To Do While You Save The Deposit

Waiting to buy a home while you work on getting the deposit together is so frustrating. You want to be doing the buying not saving so here’s a practical distraction to use up that energy.

Make an action plan and every week take steps that will give you a huge advantage when you do buy. What kind of steps? How about

  • learning decorating skills – it could be painting, wallpapering, woodwork or interior design
  • learn gardening – both decorative plants and vegetables
  • visit a possible area to buy in every week
  • research the internet for money saving ideas for now and for when you’re a home owner
  • make a calendar of the best sales for everything you may want to buy for a home
  • explore everything on Trade Me and find out exactly what you can buy cheaply in every category you may need
  • read an article about property or listen to a podcast every week (free on iTunes)
  • collect notes, ideas and pictures for everything to do with houses
  • learn about building issues by searching on-line dbh.govt.nz andwww.consumerbuild.org.nz are great starting point
  • find ideas for creating new things from recycling old things and start collecting
  • research mortgages and way to pay them off quicker

Use your time to increase your knowledge and skills to prepare yourself for the next amazing phase of your life and the wait will not seem as long or as tedious.

Robyn Forryan

Property Magic

0800 800455


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Robyn has been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years. She has sold houses, rented houses, traded houses and now she is doing what she loves best – helping house buyers. Because of her varied experiences her advice is practical and honest as well as being independent because she is not a real estate agent but a house buyer’s consultant. She keeps her community informed about the property market, gives tips on how to buy a house and tries to help buyers with the techniques that will help them secure their dream home at the best possible price and with the least possible problems. 


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