YouOwn, a privately-funded company partnering with New Zealanders who are buying their first home, has teamed up with BNZ to pilot a shared ownership option to home buyers.

The scheme has grown from a desire to see more New Zealanders share happy and secure futures with their families.

“Shared ownership will be a game changer for some Kiwi families. Prospective buyers with a deposit of just 5% may now be able to purchase a home where before it was a struggle.” says Nigel Spratt, Executive Director of YouOwn Housing Limited.

“For many families who are renting, home ownership is often out of reach. That’s why we started YouOwn twelve months ago. It is the country’s first privately-funded organisation established to offer a shared-ownership product that’s designed to give some home buyers that first leg up on the property ladder.”

“It is effective, it gives people another option and, most importantly, it enables Kiwis to realise the dream of owning their home. They can do this through a shared-ownership model with a third party who is aligned with the buyer.” said Mr Spratt.

shared ownership

Similar shared-ownership models have been operating in Ireland and United Kingdom for over 30 years and have assisted thousands of people into homes.

“YouOwn has purchased houses with a number of families in the last twelve months and the partnership with Bank of New Zealand will extend the number of New Zealanders the company can help,” said Mr Spratt.

“It’s about giving viable options to a different sector in the market. YouOwn will enable Kiwis to realise their dreams and buy a home earlier than they may have thought possible.”

The people behind YouOwn have more than 20 years’ experience in housing and structured finance in New Zealand and Australia.

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