59 France Apartments – Answers To The Questions That Everyone Asks

Frequently Asked Questions About The 59 France Apartments

The team at Urban Collective get a lot of questions about their forthcoming project 59 France, Eden Terrace.  Some people haven’t been able to visit the showroom yet and have questions regarding the layout of the building, the facilities and a few other things. So they thought they would cover off some of them here!

59 France Apartments

The Site

The development is located at 59 France Street South on the site where the Kings Arms Tavern is. While it will be sad to see the old pub go, we know this development is distinctive and bold enough to carve out its own place in the city’s heritage.

The Architecture

Because the history of the area is one of industry and workshops, the lower floors are designed with an open warehouse aesthetic, utilising textural distressed brick, with black steel framing to define each of the openings. While these floors pay homage to the past, the contrasting modern elements of the upper floors look to the future – offering views of the city and as far as the Waitakere Ranges.
59 France Apartments

Apartment floorplans & numbers

The floorplans here do not cover every possible variation of each apartment type (but we have these upon request). The differences between types a,b,c,d etc are in the decks. So for example, all type 2 on the price list are the same internal layout, but with different types and sizes of deck. The red shaded area beside each floorplan shows where that apartment type occurs in the building.

Download Floorplans:

The numbering system is pretty easy… the first number of each apartment is the floor number. So 204 is on level 2, 305 on level 3, and so on. There are different amounts of apartments on each floor so 604 might not be directly above 204, for example.

59 France apartments

Orientation & aspect

Apartments facing north and west not only look over the amazing landscaped common courtyard and gardens, but also enjoy superior views have much better views and a slightly higher spec, like Miele appliances instead of Smeg. Apartments facing east and south still have a great spec, but are priced more affordably. The surrounding buildings are only 3 levels tall, so all apartments from level 4 and above will have a pretty good outlook.

59 France Apartments


Level 1 (ground floor) is commercial, with a cafe, wine bar, a deli, and retail spaces planned. Obviously this mixed use will afford residents a great lifestyle and convenience right on their doorstep. The rest of the building is residential, with apartments from level 2, and secure basement parking available to purchase.

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