SHA Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

Here at The First Home Buyer’s Club we have had numerous calls, emails and Facebook messages asking how a first home buyer can go about registering their interest in the affordable housing options in Auckland’s Special housing Areas.

With the end of the Auckland Housing Accord drawing near, Auckland Council has produced a fact sheet about the SHA Affordable Housing program.  It includes information about the Special Housing Areas program, where you can find out about affordable housing and other relevant information.

The below information has been supplied by Auckland Council’s Development Program Office

SHA Affordable Housing

The Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013 makes provision for affordable housing supply through the Special Housing Areas (SHAs). The provision of affordable housing rests with individual housing providers, not the council.

SHAs were set up to accelerate the supply of housing as agreed in a Housing Accord between the council and central government. SHA’s provide fast track consenting with limited rights of appeal. Most SHAs are required to have a percentage allocated to affordable housing for any consented development in the SHA over 14 dwellings. Some SHA developments voluntarily provide more than the criteria require.

The percentage and type of affordable homes required depends on which criteria applies to a development applicant, however most large developments have to provide at least 10 per cent affordable housing.

For example, at Hobsonville Point it is 20 per cent and those houses are priced below $550,000 so they can be bought by people who earn the average Auckland wage.

Where can I find out about affordable housing in my area?

People interested in affordable housing in Auckland’s SHAs should contact the developers directly. We have been provided some contacts details for some developers, but not all, have freely offered us their contact information for their SHAs. Following is a table that identifies those who have provided their information. We have posted those contact details on the website.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.18.44 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.28.15 PM

Developers also use a range of marketing approaches other than websites such as real estate agencies, onsite marketing and bulk sale to other building companies. It is recommended you ask directly about SHAs.

Why haven’t they all provided information?

There are various reasons that some developers haven’t identified the SHA or provided contact information:

 not all developments have a website or one specific person to contact

 some developers are not yet marketing SHA homes

 the new sites or homes have already been sold

Need more information about affordable homes?

Making Affordable Homes Happen in Auckland brings together information on current and proposed plans and programmes that deliver on affordable housing in the Auckland region. This site clearly sets out the SHA requirements and eligibility criteria.

A map of the SHA areas enables you to review areas of interest. Also, look for advertising from developers operating in that area and contact real estate agents about who is marketing SHA product.

The First Home Buyers Club endeavours to keep first time buyers updated about affordable housing options available through our Special Housing Areas page here.


Dustin Lindale September 6, 2016 Blog, First Home Buyer Information Evenings