All You Need To Know About Applying For The KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant

KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Applications

In April 2015, the Government launched the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant designed to help first home buyers into their first home.

Here we have compiled all the links you need to successfully apply for your KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant.


KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Eligibility Checklist

There are several criteria for eligibility for the KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant, view the overall rules here.

Within the HomeStart Grant there are specific criteria depending on what find of home you are purchasing.  Those criteria are outlined at the following links:


KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Application Process

Take a look over at the Housing New Zealand website here for an overview of the application process.   There you will find:

KiwiSaver Homestart Grant


KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant & Withdrawal – Application Form 

This handy application form runs through a step by step guide with questions to help you complete either your KiwiSaver HomeStart grant or Withdrawal applications or both.  Fill it out here

KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant Application


Please note that Housing New Zealand requires at least 4 weeks/20 working days from receiving an application through to paying out the HomeStart grant. 

Tips For Avoiding Delays With HomeStart Grant

Housing New Zealand provided us with list of the top issues that cause applications to be rejected.  A rejected application will mean delays in receiving an approved KiwiSaver HomeStart grant.  Make sure you check over these tips to ensure your application gets processed smoothly.

Should you have any other questions our advisors can arrange to meet with you at your convenience to successfully apply for your KiwiSaver HomeStart application.  

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